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all i care about is nico robin

Anonymous sent:
"I need your help. There is transphobia in one piece but I still like it the series. i have a trans friend who is slowly reading it but hasnt gotten to the problematic parts yet, and Im scared it might trigger them but i dont know for sure because theres also a /little/ bit of positive trans representation. Should I tell them to stop reading it? im scared they'll think poorly of me because i still like it even though it has transphobic ideas and characters. How do i justify myself?"
what i would do here is just warn them that there is a lot of transphobia, specficially transmisogyny, in the series. they don’t have to stop reading it altogether - they can make that decision for themselves when they get to the transphobic parts whether or not they want to continue. just give them a little headsup, perhaps


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